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Monitoring the configuration of a file.

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Bertram Fukuda
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Monitoring the configuration of a file.

I think HPSA can do this but haven't been able to find out exactly how to configure it.  What I would like to do is monitor the contents of a file and be notified if the contents have been modified and furthermore what changed.  I'm trying this using configuration tracking - I have some files configured, can see they have changed by the MD5SUM but how do I know when/who/what changed? OR am I using the wrong method?



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Re: Monitoring the configuration of a file.

Hello Bert,

I think the audit/compliance feature might be more useful for what you want. You can snapshot the contents of a file, and have a checksum of the file. You can make this job run on a schedule, and have it notify you by email on compliance failure.

I think you will still not be able to find out WHO made the change.. but that should answer the what and when.

If you are looking for full fledged filesystem monitoring, you may want something like tripwire instead. This mechanism isn't suited to snapshot entire filesystems (it may get overwhelmed if you ask it to snapshot/track 1gb or 100.000 files for example ..), but mostly a few points (eg: /etc ..).

Hope this helps.

As for configuration tracking if you mean "CDR" then this feature is deprecated and slowly being removed from the product.

Filippos Chalvatzoglou
Server Automation & BSA Essentials Support
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