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Java client on MAC

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Java client on MAC



I see that the Java client can only be installed on windows family, is there any other way if the client can be installed on MAC OS.



Ravi S

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Re: Java client on MAC

The Java Client on Mac is not supported.  One of the reasons I can think of, is the JREX browser that it uses is supplied as a .dll plugin.    ref:  C:\Program Files (x86)\HP BSA\launcher\gre\jrex.dll


I do note from the 9.13 release notes that is says

JREX removal (replaced with Standard Widget Toolkit  (SWT) embedded browser component)


So perhaps there are moves afoot to remove windows specific binaries to allow this to happen.


The other problem is that some of the APX's require Adobe Flash, OSBP for instance, and a specific version another problem for Macs.


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