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Heap error during VMware vCenter scan

Dimiter Todorov
Honored Contributor.

Heap error during VMware vCenter scan

Has anyone seen this before?

It happens when we kick off a scan on one of our main vCenters. I presume there must be a configuration item somewhere where we can increase the heap space for the component executing the APX.


RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:

                com.opsware.common.VirtualServerMgmtException: ID:   HPSA-1221

Code:   com.opsware.virtualization.VirtualizationMessageSpec.VMS_COMMUNICATION_ERROR

Details:   Communication with the virtualization service failed.

Details: For Command: /opsw/apx/bin/v12n/apx/utility scan --vmsId='{--vmsRef=910001}' --debug 

 Error Message: 910001:112:'FAIL 90 Scan Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError  Java heap space'

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Re: Heap error during VMware vCenter scan



I seen this error before, Vcenter version?  Also what SA version do you got?


Before SA 9.14 there was a defect where we couldn´t integrate Vcenter 4.1 servers

Ed Molina
HP Cloud Solution Support Engineer

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Dimiter Todorov
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Re: Heap error during VMware vCenter scan

Actually I found the KB article on how to fix it.

Here is the fix.


This is how I replaced the value on all the cores and slices. No restart of services is required.


cp /opt/opsware/vmm/bin/ /opt/opsware/vmm/bin/

sed -i 's/-Xmx256M/-Xmx2048m/g' /opt/opsware/vmm/bin/