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HPSA10.10 iso image too large for a DVD

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Bertram Fukuda
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HPSA10.10 iso image too large for a DVD

I've downloaded the HPSA10.10 iso image and need to buy them to a DVD (We don't have access to any dual-layer).  However, 3 of the iso images are too large to fit onto a standard DVD.  Did anyone else run into this issue?  If so, how did you resolve it?


FYI: Need to burn to media to transfer to customers internal network.



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Re: HPSA10.10 iso image too large for a DVD

We got around this by combining the ISO's into one, then mounting the ISO locally on the server.



- Download the ISO's and transfer them to your core server (or NFS server)

- combine the ISO's into one. (one command)

# cat Software_SA_Agents_Utilities_10.10_MLU_T8900-15050 01.iso Software_SA_Agents_Utilities_10.10_MLU_T8900-15050-02.iso
> Software_SA_Agents_Utilities_10.10_MLU_T8900-15050.iso

- Then mount the ISO and run the installer

# mount -o loop  Software_SA_Agents_Utilities_10.10_MLU_T8900-15050.iso /mnt/hpsa-primary/disk001


Bertram Fukuda
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Re: HPSA10.10 iso image too large for a DVD

Thanks for the info.

The problem is not mounting the ISO's - It's actually getting the iso's from my HP system to my customer servers located on their internal network. They were too large to burn onto a single DVD.


What I had to do was (since I'm burning on a windows systems but loading on a RHEL6 system)

- upload the iso's to my google drive

- access the iso's on my home laptop (mac)

- command line split them into smaller chuncks

- download the smaller chucks

- burn to DVD

- cat together

- verify md5sums