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HPSA agent initiates communication?

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Todd McDaniel_1
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HPSA agent initiates communication?

hi guys,


I am wondering about how the HPSA Agent communicates with the application.  I know the port information, I was curious more about what functions the agent performs without impetus from the app side.

With another automation tool that I have used, the agent merely acts as a listener and responds when queried by the appserver.


For HPSA I have been reading that the agent actually initates and sends data back to the appserver/db.





Todd McDaniel

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Re: HPSA agent initiates communication?

I don't believe the agent does much on it's own.  It does run a job every 2 minutes ( configurable ) to update its current list of gateways that it should be talking through.


In most cases, what happens is that that the core sends a notification ( called a 'poke' in SA nomenclature ) to the agent telling it to wake up and grab a command.   The agent then calls back up to the core and asks for the command it was told was waiting.  Agent downloads the necessary items to run the command and then pushes the results back up to core.


There may be a occasional job ( software discovery ) that runs, but that's about it.  The core is always the one who initiates the connection when there is actual work to do though, via the 'poke'.


This is described in the Way documentation, btw, which you can reach via https://<yourcore>:1018, if you've installed the spin-developer cert into your browser.

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Re: HPSA agent initiates communication?

2 very important things happen:


every 12 hrs the agent wakes up and talks back to the satellite it's associated to and provides a delta update on hardware and software items that have changed from the last update it sent.


every 7 days, the agent sends a full hardware and software inventory back to the satellite and thence the core to update the server record for the managed system.


Other than that? it pretty much sits idle.  



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Re: HPSA agent initiates communication?

Chris' post would be the information I was thinking about. :)  But like I said, other then that stuff, all the comms are from the core -> sat -> agent.