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HPSA Cores on a virtual platform.

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HPSA Cores on a virtual platform.

Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone knows of any HP documentation regarding running HPSA Cores on virtual hardware (ESX specifically). I'm putting a design together and theres a debate internally as to whether or not it is supported for production use.


Has anyone got a link/doc I can refer too?





Ricardo Carrill
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Re: HPSA Cores on a virtual platform.

Hi Brad


For these type of questions it´s always handy the Supported Platforms matrix:


It mentions in a note:



Note 3 - SA 9.10 cores running on VMware ESX VM's are supported when specific requirements are met. For details on these requirements, please download and read the
“SA_9.10_Simple_Adv_Installation_Guide” on the website.



So, it´s possible, have a look at the Simple/Advancaed Install guide for more details.



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Re: HPSA Cores on a virtual platform.

Exactly what i was looking for - thanks!

Todd McDaniel_1
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Re: HPSA Cores on a virtual platform.

Installing on a vm is perfectly fine, just be careful of replicating it.


Cloning a system with HPSA installed can be tricky.


Copying the vm is fine as a backup, but cloning removes some vital OS elements that are tied into the HPSA installation.


We are attempting to work throught this very issue of cloning having broken our install.

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