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Execute custom Python Scripts

Dimiter Todorov
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Execute custom Python Scripts



I am looking at using more and more of the python libraries that come packaged with the agent.

Right now, the only way I can really execute python scripts however is by packaging them up in a zip file, then downloading them onto the server, then executing them using a bat or sh file.


While not really a bother, was wondering if there  is another way.



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Re: Execute custom Python Scripts

Hello Dimiter,



One cool way I discovered recently is that you can package a script into a .cmd using something like py2cmd. Other than that you can also execute scripts via the global shell (see ttlg) or you can use the UAPI to start a script execution (the latter, limited to the types that are available). If you are going to be deploying a whole application with many python files then I guess the zip method would be the best.






Filippos Chalvatzoglou
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