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Build Plan race condition modifying kickstart file

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Build Plan race condition modifying kickstart file

There is an apparent race condition somehow related to build plans where, if an in-place manipulation of the kickstart file is done immediately before an out-of-place manipulation (file append), it munges the kickstart file pretty horribly.  Adding a sleep for 5 seconds or more resolves the issue.  Running the scripts outside of HP-SA works as intended.


Scenario: We need to supply a kickstart parameter "unsupported_hardware" for our Red Hat 6.4 and 6.5 builds, but the parameter is not available in 6.3 and older OS's.  I wrote a very simple OGFS script that pre-pends the parameter right before the %packages line in the kickstart file that we use on our 6.4 and 6.5 build plans:




if ! [ -d `dirname "${FILE}"` ] ; then
   echo "Directory `dirname ${FILE}` is not there. Is your target server in the state you expect?"
   exit 2 

sed -i "s/%packages/\n${ksoption}\n\n%packages/" ${FILE}


This seems to do the right thing, until the next build plan step is run (appends packages), which then munges the kickstart file.


from this:



into this:






Hope this helps someone else avoid the same rabbit hole of confusion!