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9.14 Patch: fails when running

Bertram Fukuda
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9.14 Patch: fails when running

I'm trying to get the 9.14 patch installed on our core.  Our configuration is 


server1: oracle database server

server2: MR, Infra, OS Prov, Slice0

server3: slice1


The and run without issue but the blows up when trying to upload OPSWpytwist (windows).  The errors reported are


Error Encountered


SUMMARY: Database Access Engine Method Error

Description:  A Database Access Engine method was called incorrectly.

Solution: Contact Technical Support


DETAILS: Time: 04/March/2013 201750

Hostname: server1

Message Text: Unknown method 'Unit.getPlatforms' Failed to upload after three attempts

Failed to upload

FAILURE (Could not run upload of (Windows))

[Mar-04-2013 20:17:51] Component installation scripts encountered an error (exit status 1)

[Mar-04-2013 20:17:51] Exiting Opsware installer.


Anyone have issues patching to 9.14?




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Re: 9.14 Patch: fails when running

Hi Bert,


We would need to have a look at the verbose patch logs from /var/log/opsware/install_opsware. If you could, please upload both the patch and the contents verbose log files. You could also e-mail me the files if you don't want to share them on forum.




Bertram Fukuda
Super Contributor.

Re: 9.14 Patch: fails when running

We figured this out.  We has to install the bootcert patch to our existing core server before going to 9.14.