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Pwn2Own results for Wednesday (Day One)

Pwn2Own results for Wednesday (Day One)


The first day of Pwn2Own 2014 saw successful attempts by five entrants against five products, with payouts of $400,000 to researchers in the main competition and $82,500 to charity in the Pwn4Fun sponsors-only event.


At Pwn4Fun, Google delivered a very impressive exploit against Apple Safari launching Calculator as root on Mac OS X. ZDI presented a multi-stage exploit, including an adaptable sandbox bypass, against Microsoft Internet Explorer, launching Scientific Calculator (running in medium integrity) with continuation. Combined, the two efforts raised $82,500 for the Canadian Red Cross, the charity agreed upon by both sponsors.


The following vulnerabilities were successfully presented in the Pwn2Own competition:


By Jüri Aedla:

Against Mozilla Firefox, an out-of-bound read/write resulting in code execution.


By Mariusz  Mlynski:

Against Mozilla Firefox, two vulnerabilities, one allowing privilege escalation within the browser and one bypassing browser security measures.


By Team VUPEN:

Against Adobe Flash, a use-after-free with an IE sandbox bypass resulting in code execution.

Against Adobe Reader, a heap overflow and PDF sandbox escape, resulting in code execution.

Against Microsoft Internet Explorer, a use-after-free causing object confusion in the broker, resulting in sandbox bypass.

Against Mozilla Firefox, a use-after-free resulting in code execution.


All vulnerabilities were disclosed to their respective vendors in the Chamber of Disclosures, and each will be working to address those issues through their own processes.


The second and final day of Pwn2Own 2014 begins Thursday, March 13 at 10am PDT.

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