update notes via SDK

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update notes via SDK

New to Trim and the TrimSDK running 7.1 (think)

Having permissions issues when using the SDK.


As a user I can update the notes of a record in the application but doing so via vbscript using SDK get a prompt stating administration right required to update notes


Any assistance would be appreciated

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Re: update notes via SDK

Not sure what your question is here. You must be admin to replace notes. Otherwise you must use the append function. Though that requires update metadata rights. There are numerous ways to configure security.

Are you running a record addin? Are you running in the context of the current user? Are you trying to impersonate a user?
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Re: update notes via SDK

Apologies for being so vague, but thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Didn't realise there are other functions/method to append/prepend notes. Was trying to do something basic like


trimRecord.notes = "ABC123"


Change code to this solved the issue


trimRecord.setNotes "ABC123"