Java (AXIS2) web service requests.

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Java (AXIS2) web service requests.

Im trying to get some basic calls to the SOAP web service working. I am able to succesfully submit a request, but am having difficulty reading the result. There is no "items" array or anything like that in the Java TrimResponse object, ie:


TrimRequest request = new TrimRequest();

EngineStub.RecordTypeStringSelect r = new EngineStub.RecordTypeStringSelect();






EngineStub.Execute e = new EngineStub.Execute();


TrimResponse response = stub.execute(e).getExecuteResult();

.... ?????


I am also trying to work out why when that last line is executed, the Java process hangs!!

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Re: Java (AXIS2) web service requests.

Well, it will depend (for the names) on how you generate your Java interface. I used NetBeans for this, so the function name will be dufferent, but similar (getExecuteResult replacing getTimingResultOrEndResponseOrSearchResult below)


                 TrimResponse result = port.execute(request);

                List<Result> trr = result.getTimingResultOrEndResponseOrSearchResult();

                for (Iterator it = trr.iterator(); it.hasNext();)
                    Result tr = (Result);

 I would guess if you split the execute() and getExecuteResult() down it is less likely to hang (possibly a timing thing)

It is a long time since I wrote this so forgetting a great deal!

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Re: Java (AXIS2) web service requests.

I am new to HP TRIM/RM. The document about web services isn't very clear.


Can someone point me to some direction where to start?


I did import the wsdl into eclpise and generated code with AXIS2