How is the lookup-set sort-order determined?

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How is the lookup-set sort-order determined?

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to load a lookup set so that it appears in a specific order.   The users want to keep the order of the list they gave me, because it's a long list and they're used to working with it in that order.


I've found in the past that just inserting values into a lookup set through the API doesn't always get the desired result - they can appear out of order.  So I create an appropriate number of entries, save the lookup set, then I loop over them again in collection-position order to set their name/abbrev values to the order that I want.   This almost works.


My code supplies the values in case-insensitive alphabetical order.   If I query the lookup set through the API, they are returned in that order.   But the GUI re-sorts them to case-sensitive.


Can anyone suggest anything?    It's a tiny thing, but the business area is adamant that they want the lookup in their prefered order. 

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Re: How is the lookup-set sort-order determined?

A lookup set's supposed to be displayed in alphabetical order.


For what it's worth, I know there's an issue in TRIM 7 with Oracle sites if you set the system option for object caching to "Optimize performance for large numbers..." of Lookup Sets. This bypasses the normal process of the client sorting the objects in cache before presenting them to the user, and hence the client displays the items in whatever order Oracle chooses to return them.


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