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problem with fence_ilo comand

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problem with fence_ilo comand

I have a 2 node cluster , with HP ILO( version 1.35 and 1.42 ) and I have this fence package fence-1.32.45-1.0.2 of RHCS When I excute this command:

fence_ilo -a -l iloadmin -p iloadmin

I received this error :Segmentation fault

so we can say we can successfully use fencing ilo or if there are same compatibility problem ?"
Oscar A. Perez
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Re: problem with fence_ilo comand

Are you using Redhat? I know that Redhat has recently fixed a bug in their fence_ipmilan scripts. Be sure you have the latest version.
Also, upgrade your iLO2 to the latest firmware version 2.05.

I work for Hewlett Packard

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