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iLo Firmware Disappeared, No ilo configuration prompt

Joaquin Hernand
Acclaimed Contributor

iLo Firmware Disappeared, No ilo configuration prompt

I have a number of DL360G4 servers in which the ilo firmware appears to have disappeared. I don't get the F8 prompt during post.

I've tried using the latest and oldest Firmware Maintenance CD but the option to install/update the ilo firmware is unavailable.

I'm unable to upgrade it and adding version 1.50, 1.51, and 1.60 as a supplement doesn't fix this problem. It successfully adds these updates and refreshes the available updates but the ILO ROM FIRMWARE option to update continues to be the same. It states a device driver is needed and doesn't allow me to check it and be able to update it.

Has anyone had this problem? It's beating me up and I'm hoping I don't need a new motherboard.

Honored Contributor

Re: iLo Firmware Disappeared, No ilo configuration prompt

Sounds like your iLO flash may be corrupted.

You should be able to recover iLO using the security override switch and
- booting the Firmware Update CD.
- Alternatively, the Linux firmware update component can be booted on a USB key for recovering iLO.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event