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iLO2 on BL480

Henri Goyette
Occasional Advisor

iLO2 on BL480

I am trying to configure my first blade enclosure. I have set up the enclosure and the gigabit ethernet switch. I can use the OA and I have access to the switch to make changes, all remotely using browser.

I have inserted the first of several BL480's into the enclosure. I am trying to get iLO2 to come up in a browser but have so far failed.

Before configuring the enclosure I created a DHCP server from an existing SLES10 box I set up to be my Suse installation server. I tested that I can get the addresses from the DHCP.

What I know of iLO2 is that it defaults to DHCP configuration. But when I try to access the iLO via the browser it just times out.

I can ping the address but cannot confirm that it was grabbed by iLO. I am remote so I cannot attach a cable to the front of the server and configure through the RBSU.

Any ideas?
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO2 on BL480

The c-class enclosure Onboard Administrator (OA) browser interface has a link to the iLO in the target blade. That would be the first place to consult to see if the iLO processor has network connectivity.

Also, the OA supports enclosure-based IP addressing. Check to see that this is not interfering with your DHCP settings. It could be that iLO is not using DHCP.
Occasional Contributor

Re: iLO2 on BL480


Have you checked the Idle Timeout for ILO2 for the blade.

Try to flash the firmware for ILO2:


Henri Goyette
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO2 on BL480

Looks like it was something between the ILO port and the DHCP server. I changed the range of IP's available on my DHCP and then rebooted both the DHCP and the server. After that I was able to view the browser page. Thanks to those that responded.


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