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iLO2 Standard Blade edition

Georg Steinbach
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iLO2 Standard Blade edition

Hi all,

I have a quetsion regarding the c-class bladesystem and an iLO2 Standard Blade edition.
Is it possible to view the status of the complete hardeware in a c-class badesystem - especially the harddisks in each blade server in the central iLO-webinterface (without installing any aditional software on the OS of the blades)?
Is there any documentation on this?

That ist very important for me. The iLO2 cards on a DL380 G5 don't show the status (online/failed) of the harddisks of the server.

I'm no big fan of snmp and tons of additional software on our OS just for monitoring useless stuff.

Thanks for any information!

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Re: iLO2 Standard Blade edition

Hi George,

iLO gives u cpu/memory information but not the hard disk.
you are anyways installing Proliant Support pack on your blades. So there you will get System Management Home Page which gives all the information you required.
If you are not aware of that just use http://:2381 after installing PSP(management agent)

hope it helps!!
Georg Steinbach
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Re: iLO2 Standard Blade edition

Hi Ajay,

thanks for your answer.
My problem is, that we mainly use FreeBSD and Debian and the is no out of the box software (like PSP) that seems to do the monitoring.

Right now I have to monitor all kinds of different hardware (Dell, HP, Renix, NetApp, etc.). I do the monitoring with via scripts. That works but it's not very convinient.

I don't understand why it seems to be so difficult to show the status of the disks via the iLO-webinterface...


David Claypool
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Re: iLO2 Standard Blade edition


If you want to monitor it, it's not useless...

However, to get to your actual question, the iLO2 does not have an electronic path to the RAID controller and therefore cannot view information about it.

The so-called 'cciss' driver that came with your Debian or FreeBSD will write to the system event log any time there is a status change. If you want to interrogate the status, you can use the open source smarttools.