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iLO with from Windows 7 "F" & "CTL" key input

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iLO with from Windows 7 "F" & "CTL" key input

Im running Windows 7 and IE8 to control iLO on a c7000 enclosure and cannot get into the BIOS of the server or access the settings of the HBA card, iLO seems to ignore my key strokes. Only key it seems to recognise it escape and pause. Any one else have this and find a resolution? I'm running the latest iLO firmware for both the server and the AO.
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Re: iLO with from Windows 7 "F" & "CTL" key input

Hi skrog,

Unfortunately many of us have found IE8 to be unusable with iLO, and particularly the Integrated Remote Console feature.

From the OA you can set any blade for a one-time boot to the RBSU (BIOS) from that blade's "Boot Options" page.

You can also configure Hot Keys by visiting the Web Administration link for your blades and going to the Remote Console > Settings > Hot Keys tab. This will give you the ability to send particular key sequences through iLO to the server.

good luck!
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Re: iLO with from Windows 7 "F" & "CTL" key input

Try first updating to the latest version of iLO 2 (1.79 or later)- it has some improvements for IE8 that might address this. Then get back to us.
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Re: iLO with from Windows 7 "F" & "CTL" key input

The units do have the latest iLO 2 firmware.
I have discovered when I go into the OA and select the device bay I want to access and then choose ILO and then in that panel choose the 4th option -

Remote Console
Access the system KVM from a remote console. This requires a Java Virtual Machine Runtime Environment (JRE).

I can use these keys. Thanks for the suggestions folks!
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