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iLO Firmware Update

Terrel Hobbs
Acclaimed Contributor

iLO Firmware Update

I noticed the firmware update CD is a Linux OS, I would like to do a network boot (PXE) to update my servers to I don't have to mount the ISO image. I have it booting, but doesn't come up with the GUI to upgrade. Has anybody done this?

TIA - Terrel Hobbs, Yellowknife

Re: iLO Firmware Update

1.What is the server model ?
Is it DL,ML or BL servers ?
2.Are you trying to Updrade the firmware of
servers (Ex :System ROM) using iLO by
mounting the Firmware Maintainance CD
ISO image ?
Please provide us some more info on what actually you are trying to do.

Terrel Hobbs
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: iLO Firmware Update

Here is the scenario:

> 1.What is the server model ?
BL20p or BP25p

> 2.Are you trying to Updrade the firmware
Downloaded the Firmware update iso, and want to update the ROMs on the server

I am now using PXE to boot a RedHat Kickstart so I can install the OS across NFS, because I found that mounting the iso off a remote machine is slow (especially if the image is across the internet).

The PXE boot and method is very fast, so I figured why not use PXE to boot the firmware ISO since it seems like the underlying OS of the firmware updater is using linux.

Currently I have the default PXE boot bring up a menu, so I can select which option I want to do. I can boot from disk, install RedHat 3, RedHat 4, or boot the firmware iso. Currently it's starting initrd and the kernel, but doesn't go to the next step.

Hope that explains it more.

Terrel Hobbs
Yellowknife, NT
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