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iLO 4 firmware version 1.50 released

Oscar A. Perez
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iLO 4 firmware version 1.50 released

- Auto Power On does not work on server blades after upgrading to iLO 4 v1.40.
- SSH keys cannot be imported by using XML after upgrading to iLO 4 v1.40.
- Random "Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart" errors appear in the iLO 4 Event Log after server shutdown.
- The Windows Server 2008 or 2012 installer might fail with the following error message when used with Virtual Media on iLO 4 1.32 and 1.40: “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing."
- If you create a disk image when Virtual Media is mounted in the Java IRC, an invalid message is displayed.
- The keyboard doesn't work when you use the Java IRC to mount an image file through a URL.
- When using the Java IRC in Linux, some characters cannot be entered from a Japanese keyboard when the Japanese layout is selected.
- iLO might stop responding if the DNS server fails to respond when iLO is trying to log multiple entries that require DNS reverse lookup.
- Time zones that are south of the Equator and use DST are handled incorrectly.
- An incomplete Japanese message is displayed in the Set to factory defaults interface when the Japanese Language Pack is loaded.
- AlertMail implementation is inconsistent between the iLO web interface and the CLI.
- iLO does not always respond to multicast M-SEARCH requests.
- Multicast replies display an incorrect iLO version number.
- iLO requires a reset when the IPv6 Multicast Scope is changed for iLO Federation discovery.
- The SERVER_POST_STATE element is missing from RIBCL output.
- iLO Virtual Media CD-ROM connect says “ok” when http://name is unreachable.
- Multiple iLO Federation Management groups cannot be deleted in a certain order.
- Menu and Title area return to English characters when the Japanese Language Pack is loaded.
- EBIPA IPv6 settings not always updated on iLO when iLO DHCP IPv4 is disabled.
- iLO WEB page could stop responding after a firmware update via the group firmware update in iLO Federation Management.


- Added an SNMP trap for Uncorrectable Machine Check Error.
- Added the ability for iLO to get Domain name to Get or Display from DHCPv6
- Implemented significant performance improvements in iLO Federation Management



Download from here:


Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x86


Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x64


Online ROM Flash Component for Linux


Online ROM Flash Component for VMware ESXi


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