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iLO 2 Firmware version 2.20 released

Oscar A. Perez
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iLO 2 Firmware version 2.20 released

- iLO 2 firmware now includes the option to send a Gratuitous ARP on boot.


- The minimum password length setting could reset to zero from the previously set minimum length when MIN_PASSWORD tag isn’t specified in the XML script. This occurs in version 2.12 and later.
- Path MTU Discovery not working in iLO 2 versions 2.12 and later.
- Virtual Media could randomly fail to mount in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.
- Option to switch between 'UHCI' and 'System USB' for iLO 2 Virtual Keyboard and Mouse was missing for HP ProLiant DL585 G5/G6 Servers.
- iLO 2 Login webpage could display unsupported browser error message when using Internet Explorer 10.
- iLO 2 constantly rebooting after upgrading to version 2.12 or 2.15 on p-Class Blade Servers.
Note: Last supported iLO 2 firmware version for p-Class servers is 1.82 as stated in the Customer Notice
- SSH to iLO 2 could fail with clients running OpenSSH 6.2p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1e.


Download from FTP


Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x64


Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x86


Online ROM Flash Component for Linux


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