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Virtual media applet fails

Brad Van Orden
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Virtual media applet fails

I have a blade system c7000 enclosure with BL460c servers using ilo2. I installed RHEL 5 using a temporary DVD drive attached to the c7000. We wanted to do the rest remotely. So, I removed the DVD drive and copied an iso image of the RHEL DVD to the newly installed system. I can log into the system and start a vncserver. I then connect to that and start firefox. I then connect to the chassis management, then iLO under the blade, click on web administration and in the new tab click on the virtual media applet. It starts a new window and there is a brief JAVA logo. This is followed by having a blank screen and nothing happens.

Not sure what is happening. Does anyone have an idea on how to further diagnose this. An alternative would be if there is some method to make the iso image available to the iLO from the linux command line.

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Re: Virtual media applet fails

Check to see that the Java Runtime Environment is supported. Browse into iLO, the Remote Console tab, then click the help icon.

You can mount the .iso to iLO from the command-line by accessing the iLO CLP (via SSH). The ISO has to be accessible on a web server visible to iLO. The image can be mounted using http://
Brad Van Orden
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Re: Virtual media applet fails

I figured out that firefox was starting in 64 bit mode. Apparently the ILO uses 32 bit java. Once you have the plugins installed (or linked) to the correct directories under /usr/lib/firefox..., copy /usr/bin/firefox to your home directory. Edit your copy and change MOZ_ARCH to x86 instead of uname -m.

If you need a 32 bit browser, start the copy in your home directory. If you need 64 bit, start /usr/bin/firefox.



Re: Virtual media applet fails

So when does HP support 64-bit only applet?


Would not be too much effort to create cpqma-x86_64-linux there? You do use fabric there? Do you?

and do the proper modifications to MediaAccess.class and DirectIO.class.


Normally there's no error just an empty applet window - but now with Java 1.7 (+Chrome) finally have an application

error which is visible: "Wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32".


Constantly running into problems with 32-bit only HP "implementations" here and there.


We have dropped totally using 32-bit systems AND libraries around 4 years ago.

We do not install any 32-bit support so that various 32-bit only HP applications would work.


There are many reasons why not. First of all 32-bit is obsolete, and support for it should

be totally dropped from 64-bit systems so that vendors like HP would notice customer pressure

for 64-bit implementations (by thousands of calls). But to the reasons - if you start to install

32-bit stuff on your computer you'll end up yumming it more and more. Ok. Just install

the needed libraries and then turn 32-bit off. But then you'll possibly end up losing updates.


Also semantics of having 32-bit libraries and applications (thanks HP,Dell,Oracle) in 64-bit machine

does not fit into my pedantic brains.


Mostly we have solved the problem by installing specialized 32-bit only virtual machines

to various location - but this is not nice.


Thanks a lot.




Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Virtual media applet fails

What iLO2 firmware version do you have? 


I believe we added the 64-bit Java support back in version 2.06 last year.

I work for Hewlett Packard

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Re: Virtual media applet fails

2.06 did not, but 2.09 works.


But Chrome does not work with SSO implementation of this forum.