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Updating 80 ilo, ilo2, riloe servers remotely

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Updating 80 ilo, ilo2, riloe servers remotely


I'm looking for the most efficient method of updating all the iLos in the lab for both firmware, and changing the admin password.

I'm aware that it's possible with cpqlocfg, but I'm not th emost desxtrous with batch scripts, so I dont know how to configure it to read off a list of IPs.

Ideally something more elegant would be preffered. I remember reading somewhere about a hp program that will scan the network and target it as appropriate?

I'm using HP SIM and HP RDP to manage about 80 servers. I have cpqlocfg.

Thank you for your help,

pratap m keshav
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Re: Updating 80 ilo, ilo2, riloe servers remotely

There is one software HP Lights-Out migration utility which can do batch upgrade of firmwares for iLo, iLo2 and RiloeII.
Goto select ilo product and then softwares and drivers. It is available for any windows OS. package name is directories support for management processors.

It can't modify the password for the management processors. If you have to configure active directory then it can be used to integrate multiple devices with directory server.

For changing password, you need to use cpqlocfg. You can use Mod_User.xml for this (attached).
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Re: Updating 80 ilo, ilo2, riloe servers remotely

Thanks, that's great!

How would I go about implementing the .xml into HPSIM to target systems that way?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event