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Static IP bay option missing

Super Collector

Static IP bay option missing

I have built a brand new blade rack. The ILO is not showing any option at all for the static ip bay config. It is in the first bay and all firmware is up-to-date. It gets a dhcp address but won't work unless I put on a static ip, same vlan and everything.

The server is a bl20p g3. Built with the latest psp. Any idea why their is no option for the static ip bay. The ILO is at 1.82 and is the only server in this enclosure. I have reset the ilo to factory defaults and tried just about everything you can think of.

Please help!!
Super Collector

Re: Static IP bay option missing

All enclosures are at 2.20, ILO 1.82, server at I08. Everything is at the latest. All cables are correctly installed and the ILO port on the back of the PMM is all green with activity lights.

Possible bad PMM?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event