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RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

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RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

Hi everybody.

I've seen few topics considering this area but here is something pretty strange.

Domain controller is on Windows2000AS (but checked with 2003 as well). Everything is configured properly (Network: static IP, DNS= Domain Controller's IP, WINS = Domain Controller's IP) and of course Directory services:
(a)Directory User Context1 :CN=USERS,DC=TEST_AD,DC=COM
(b)Administer groups: CN=ILO,CN=Users,DC=TEST_AD,DC=com

And here it comes:
Test goes perfectly but... When in "Directory
Username" field instead of logon name, a display name is given! (no matter how, "displayname" or "displayname@TEST_AD.COM" or "CN=displayname,CN=USERS,DC=TEST_AD,DC=COM" - it just run perfectly).

When I do the test using AD user logon name - it fails.

If You have encountered similiar problems and solved it or heard of any workaround - please help.

Remote Insight Firmware Version is 1.21

wojtek rossa.

Re: RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

RILOE-II Directory Test settings feature supports the following user name formats
1.Directory user name or Full name
Ex: rambo s
2.Directory user distinguished name
Ex : CN=rambo s,CN=Users,DC=mycompu,DC=com

RILOE-II directory test settings feature doesn't support "loginname@domain" name formats.

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Re: RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

And what about: CN=loginname,CN=USERS,DC=TEST_AD,DC=COM
it doesn't work as well.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event