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Java and the Remote Console

Daren Daigle
Occasional Advisor

Java and the Remote Console

I have for some time had issues with Java coming up and using 100% CPU for a while when launching the ilo Remote console. But if i launch the two-cursor, it loads right up and in a hurry. Any suggestions?

IE 6, java 6, (though it happened on 5, too)

iLO Firmware 1.82
Oleg Koroz
Regular Collector

Re: Java and the Remote Console

Can you try recommended version 1.4.2
Uninstall any Java product firstly and delete folder from Program files
Update iLO firmware also, use cable directly connected to iLO and test it (bypass your network)

Daren Daigle
Occasional Advisor

Re: Java and the Remote Console

well... I started off with the recommended 1.4.2. I upgraded to the 6.0 because i was still having the problem. I was also using the 1.89 (then the current version) of the iLO firmware.

So, i do not think its a java versioning issue. This is something else.

It is odd, that the two cursor comes up and runs, but the single one takes so long (and sometimes doesnt) to come up.

During the period its at 100%.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event