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How to find out the ILO DNS Name

Ester Trincado
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How to find out the ILO DNS Name


If I do not have any more the information from the ILO2 Network settings and I like to find out from a server the ILO DNS Name, how can I do that?

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Re: How to find out the ILO DNS Name

If you have iLO IP Address just open it in browser: https://
If its first time you are going to setup then
Restart server press F8 you will get iLO screen there you can go in settings-> network and set or see the settings.

for more read this one:
Jimmy Vance

Re: How to find out the ILO DNS Name

If it hasn't been changed from default, you can look at the toe-tag on the server. If you have the utilities installed you can do "hponcfg -w ilosettings.txt" which will write out the iLO configuration settings to a file

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