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Firmware Levels

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Firmware Levels

I am upgrading our ILO firmware for the following 4 Proliant types
DL385 G1 and G2
DL585 G1 and G2

On the HP Site, for the DLD585 G2 there is 1.70 (CP010302.scexe) given as the latest version. But I also found 1.81 (CP012108.scexe). Now my confusion is complete ;-) Could you please tell me the official latest ILO firmware versions ? We are using Redhat RHEL4 and Redhat RHEL5 Software.

Many thanks.
Jimmy Vance

Re: Firmware Levels

Your G1 systems have iLO and your G2 systems have iLO2

The last firmware released for iLO was v1.94
The latest release for iLO2 is v2.00

iLO v1.94〈=en&cc=us&idx=0&mode=4&

iLO2 v2.00

Read under the installation intructions tab on how to unpack the .scexe file on a Linux system to get to the .bin file. Once you have the .bin file you can upload the firmware via the iLO web interface

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Re: Firmware Levels

Thanks a lot ! It is much appreciated.
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Re: Firmware Levels

Problem solved.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event