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Find out iLO version remotely

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Find out iLO version remotely

Hey guys,


is there a possibilty to check out the iLO version remotly, e.g. by cmd / vb / ps ?

I found a xml to setup network setting (see attached file), but there is on line for sntp settings, which is only for iLO 3 and iLO 4.

We are using iLO 1 and iLO 2 , too.

We configure iLO for each server with a VB program. It overwrites the needed xml files with special data depending on the severlocation. Before it runs the xml files, it should figure out whether it is iLO 3+ or less.


The mod_network.xml we use to configure DNS server for iLO. Now we want to configure sntp server too. So i found this line in the xml file:


           <!--        Firmware support infomation for next 4 tags :      -->
            <!--            iLO 4 - All versions.                          -->
            <!--            iLO 3 - All versions.                          -->
            <!--            iLO 2 - None.                                  -->           
            <DHCP_SNTP_SETTINGS value="Yes"/>
            <SNTP_SERVER1 value=""/>
            <SNTP_SERVER2 value=""/>
            <TIMEZONE value="America/Anchorage"/>


I guess, If I use this for iLO 1 and iLO2, I will get an error, won't I?

Is this possible? Can I check the iLO version via script?


Thanks a lot

Danny Sandner

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Find out iLO version remotely

You can scan your network using the following URL and parse the XML reply you'd get if you happen to find an iLO.





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Re: Find out iLO version remotely

Thanks. It works. I think that will be fine and I can use this.