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Directory integration test failed

Super Collector

Directory integration test failed

Just tested directory integration on my lab AD2000.
Test device and roles are created and device is added at that role (HP Devices tab).
When testing directory settings at ilo board the result is:

Unable to confirm LOM Object CN=ramsrcp01-ilo,OU=Management Processors,OU=Remote Management,DC=labos,DC=hr in directory.
Ceasing tests.

everything else passes ok.
I can log on to ilo with domain user
DN is copied from ADSI edit so there is no mistake in that part :)
tryed also with DN=CN=ramsrcp01-ilo,OU=Management Processors,OU=Remote Management,DC=labos,DC=hr

tnx in advance
Super Collector

Re: Directory integration test failed

got it
directory administrator must be entered. I thought that it doesn't matter because anonymus access is by default enabled for view.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event