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[DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

Ivan V Petrov

[DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

LO100i connected to server trough Mgmt port and using static IP. After power cable plugged in LO100i going offline [IP address is unreachable] in 1-2 days.

What can i do to solve this?

Ivan V Petrov

Re: [DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

also I can't upgrade/downgrade firmware remotely. This is telnet session:

--- Cut ---

*** IPCOM ***
login: admin

Lights-Out 100 Management
Copyright 2005-2007 ServerEngines LLC
Copyright 2006-2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

/./-> cd map1/firmware
/./map1/firmware/-> load LDRIMAGE.BIN -source // -oemhpfiletype csr
A system power off and on is required after completing the CLP load command
Initiating Download...


--- Cut ---

And that is all. Silence. :(
Ivan V Petrov

Re: [DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

$ ipmitool bmc reset cold

this is turn mgmt port online. I'll crond it and will wait new firmware :/

New Member.

Re: [DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

Having same problem, DL160G5 with ILO firmware 3.06.

After digging deeper, I noticed that:

1) "ipmitool bmc reset" command makes something wrong to server (FAN/Temp control), ILO reporting that FAN6 doesn't work, also no more CPU temp monitoring. Server's temp is raising noticeable (up to 40'C rear pci), so i would _avoid_ using "reset cold" command, unless you reboot server asap after ILO is back online.

2) There were reports that "bmp reset cold" does something to P400 controller -- it reports disk errors (overheat?)

3) ILO does NOT stop responding in warm/hot room. Weird, but when I pulled server out of server room ILO worked just fine for three days.
Temperature at server room is ~15'C daytime / ~10..12'C nightly, and ILO stops responding exactly at night!

4)I was checking for new ILO firmware and checked Dl160G_6_ page, it has ILO fw ver, 4.03, check Fixes tab:
"...Resolved an issue where very cold operating temperatures could cause Lights-Out 100 to become unresponsive...".

I think we _may_ have very same issue with G5.

Wonder when HP will fix this issue.
T. Hiukkanen

Re: [DL160G5] LO100i (3.05) unreachable after 1-2 days

Having exactly the same problem. DL185G5 / ILO100 3.05 with a P400.

Waiting for a fix.