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COMPAG DL 580 ILO error message

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Stein Arvid Lid
Acclaimed Contributor

COMPAG DL 580 ILO error message


on POST on my Dl580 server , the server stops up (for quite a while) the displays the following error message:

"Compaq Integrated Lights-Out is not responding"

Any hope for my ilo card , or do i have to order service on it right away ?

Regular Collector

Re: COMPAG DL 580 ILO error message


Did you check if the network is fine on the box, if you have already confirmed then there might be an issue with the ILO port, you can ask HP

You can refer to the url below for a different ILO issue.


Honored Contributor

Re: COMPAG DL 580 ILO error message

Try fixing it first! Create an iLO ROM update disk and boot the server using it. This will program the latest iLO firmware which might do the trick. You might need to set the iLO security override switch to allow this flash to transpire. If you do, restore it after the flash is done.

This is probably enough. You can get the latest iLO firmware by browsing to
then clicking iLO Standard then Software and Drivers. Pick your OS, and download the Options ROMPaq firmware diskette image.

2) reset iLO to factory defaults. If the new firmware does not do the trick, you can use iLO RBSU to clear the current configuration data. It might help to clear the event logs, too. Of course, these steps require iLO to be operational.
Stein Arvid Lid
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: COMPAG DL 580 ILO error message

Thank you very much, i have now updated the firmware on my ilo card , and everythin is working all right.
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