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Authorized Key to access iLO2 via ssh

Stefan Upietz
Acclaimed Contributor

Authorized Key to access iLO2 via ssh

Hi all,

I'm trying to configure our iLO2 to accept remote console sessions via ssh and authorized keys. I have to write some small program to automatically check certain parameters via cli.
I created a new user and on a linux machine a key pair for that user. Import of the public key works fine, but when I try to login to iLO, I'm still being asked for a password. So, there's no error, but I'm sure I'm missing something... any pointers?


Jimmy Vance

Re: Authorized Key to access iLO2 via ssh

Check that the user name in the key matches the user name (not login name) of the iLO account. These have to be an exact match.

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Stefan Upietz
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Authorized Key to access iLO2 via ssh

Thanks for the reply. I double checked for the name, and it is an exact match (I ran into this problem in the beginning, but then iLO didn't even accept the key).
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