Make Protect724 great again


Make Protect724 great again

I don't know if its just me, but it seems like this is the most complicated forum, or just web in general I've ever used.
I'm really hoping that folks are working on improvements, and this is not the final one.

How can I see all time popular posts, including the "old" questions on "old" Protect?


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Community Manager

Dear Mendsaikhan,

Thank you for your feedback posted.  We are sorry it's been so frustrating, knowing how confusing changes like this can be, especially with the different menus and other elements that are in the new community. You are right, at present there are only top kudoed posts, unanswered threads and latest topics. I think what you are referring to is "popular content" which is missing. We are looking at missing features, so your input is helpful.

In a perfect world we would have had time to fix the UI/UX of the community before the P724 migration, but regretfully we couldn't extend the time on the old platform and we had to compelte the migration before the end of May.   

Now that we are on a common SW platform we're actively working to revamp the UI/UX and overhaul the legacy menus and structure that we inherited in the platform. I will get back to you as soon as I know if we can bring "popular content" back!

With regard to "old questions" from old community - could yopu please let us know where you are looking for to find old posts on Protect724, in which area? Any further details on what you are looking for will be helpful for us in order to find the content! Thank you again for your support and feedback!



I appoligize that the experience hasn't been perfect.  We're collectively working to improve the community so that the community can engage and grow.