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HP ALM Project Topology Best Practices

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HP ALM Project Topology Best Practices

This is the new book in the “HP ALM Best Practices” series from HP Software.


HP ALM product management have always recognized the fact that having best practices and methodology would greatly simplify the life of business analysts, test engineers and managers and all other participants of the SDLC.


The book discusses in great detail the very first question in the implementation - what HP ALM project represents. No company is the same and therefore business processes vary quite significantly. The answer has a profound effect on ALM adoption and lifecycle behavior. The paper provides the considerations and actions to be taken when planning domain and project layout.  “Do it right or do it over” – this is the message you should convey to the management to convince allocating time to properly plan HP ALM topology.


You may download the book from HP Software Self-Service portal at this URL or find it attacheed to this post.


As we continue with the series covering various aspects of methodology, we would really appreciate your feedback. Please send it directly to me or alm_cust_feedback@hp.com.


Leo Borisov

Functional Architect, ALM methodology, HP Software
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This is a good one to understand more before Deployment