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"SAVA – New paradigm in Server Life Cycle Management" Vivit Webinar > 2/18


"SAVA – New paradigm in Server Life Cycle Management" Vivit Webinar > 2/18

Be sure to register for "SAVA – New paradigm in Server Life Cycle Management" Vivit Webinar on February 18 at: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/event_details.asp?id=393907&group=


HP Server Automation Standard aka SAVA is a simplified and lighter version of the HP Server Automation (HP SA) product for server life cycle management. An important system management and IT automation tool for reducing the time needed to manage the physical and virtual servers in a data center throughout their lifecycle.

The speaker will share the best practices from an Indian organization and there will be a short demo of the software.

Learn how SAVA will help you provision and manage servers through their entire lifecycle. With SAVA, compliance managers can have visibility across the managed servers to see which servers are out of compliance and can then remediate non-compliant servers to bring them back into compliance, based on policies created within SA.

Who should attend this session:

  • Director or VP of Ops
  • Systems Manager
  • Server Management teams
  • IT compliance Managers


Manish Balooja
Director Cloud & Automation
HP Software


  • Director HP Software - Cloud & Automation and is responsible for the development of the portfolio across Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Joined HP in early 2008 to drive Automation business in India and brings over 20 years of sales experience to the company
  • Has been with HP Software for more than five years. Manish holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Telecom) and is based in Delhi, India


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