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<QC/ALM tip>LDAP Connection – Basic Troubleshooting

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<QC/ALM tip>LDAP Connection – Basic Troubleshooting

Hi everyone,


If we have an issue with LDAP import/authentication issues in QC\ALM but we can not indicate the root cause come from LDAP or QC/ALM so I hope this tip will help you to figure out:


  1. Downloading LDAP Admin from http://www.ldapadmin.org/.
  2. Install the tool.
  3. Open LDAP Admin. Create a new connection to LDAP server and use exactly the same information used in ALM to connect it to the LDAP server (Host name, Base DN, Authentication info, etc).
  4. Connect to LDAP server. If the connection also fails with this tool, so the root cause should come from LDAP and network connection problem. You can use this user friendly tool to make it work properly before attempting once again from ALM.


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