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Upload Manual TestCases from an excel to ALM-QC 11?

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Upload Manual TestCases from an excel to ALM-QC 11?



I am pretty new to VBA,


I need some help  in making an excel macro which uploads Manual test cases from an excel 2007 to ALM-QC11 test plan.


We can't use the excel add-in as the number of test cases are pretty high and wish to automate the task + a lot of formatting is required in the excel sheets (which again is being done in the macro code itself).


So far, I have formatted the excel sheets in the required format and been able to successfully able to connect to QC in the required domain/project.


What do I do next and how to go about it?




Trudy Claspill
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Re: Upload Manual TestCases from an excel to ALM-QC 11?

The basic steps would be
1. Determine the folder you want to put a test case in.
2. Find the folder or create the folder if it doesn't exist.
3. Add the test case
4. Add the test case steps.

There are many examples of this in the OTA API documentation. The programming language used is Visual Basic rather than VBA, but it is still pretty close.

You may also find this thread helpful.

After you've started working out the code, come back with more specific questions.

Of course, you can always ask for somebody to give you the complete code. I don't know if anybody will do that, though. Personally, I like the challenge of trying to figure it out and the process of learning something new.
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Re: Upload Manual TestCases from an excel to ALM-QC 11?

Thanks Trudy,