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Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

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Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

There is some great information available on the HP Support Website that can be really useful in preparing and performing your upgrade to QC 11 or ALM 11.  Here are the links to the key articles:


System Requirements for QC/ALM 11



Upgrade Instructions/Steps:



Upgrade to QC/ALM 11 Best Practices:



How to prepare you old repository for upgrade to ALM 11 Optimized repository



Some other key things to note:


  • You can upgrade directly to Version 11 from either Version 9.2 or Version 10 (Previous versions will need to be upgraded to either one of these before upgrading to Version 11)
  • The upgrade path from Quality Center Enterprise 9.2 or 10 is to Quality Center Enterprise 11
  • The upgrade path from Quality Center Premier 10 is to Application Lifecycle Management 11
  • Quality Center 11 and Application Lifecycle Management 11 share the same install files (Files will be labeled "HP ALM 11" or alike) and platform.  Functionality is activated via your license key
For More information on "What's New" in QC 11 and ALM 11 either:


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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

Great info...Thank you!

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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

Thanks for bringing this valuable info in one place.

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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11


Hello all,

unfortunately I'm unable to access to the instructions link on how to upgrade to Quality Center 11.

I'm receiving the following error: Unable to access the page you requested.


This is the link that i'm trying to access:

Upgrade Instructions/Steps:




Any assistance will help.



Best Regards,

   Michael Yohan


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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11


Additionnally, you can leverage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to upgrade your Quality Center instance(s) to ALM11.
 HP SaaS offers a range of strategic and tactical services, from helping identify the best approach to consolidate multiple instances, to customization services, to actually performing the normalization of project templates. The HP team of ALM engineers can also be leveraged to design custom report templates to generate comprehensive reports displaying project data from HP ALM to multiple output file.


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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11



Can anyone let me know if HP still supports 9.2(And for how long)? as I have situation here is that I am trying to upgrade 9.2 to 11(trying to convince the management). I do not want to be in a situation where I have no migration path to the latest release.



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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

Hi there,


This information is from the HP Support News web-site.


End of Sale / End of Support 


HP is committed to providing the highest level of customer care to you while you determine your future strategy for your QC9.2 products. Please read below for key timelines and support options that are now available to you:


June 15, 2009:              Version Obsolescence announced

Jan 1, 2010:                   End of Sale (no longer orderable or available for purchase)

January 31, 2011:         End of Support

January 31, 2013:         End of Self-Help Support



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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

Hi there,


Sorry for the confusion, but here's an update on my previous post.




HP Quality Center 9.2x Extension of Support Advisory

Dear HP Software Customer,

With high demand from customers, Hewlett Packard Software Services is announcing an extension to the product support of Quality Center version 9.2x to July 31, 2011. This extension is designed to help provide you with more time to transition to the newer release.

Please note that:


• The extension of support includes only environments (OS, DB, Web Server, App Server, Browsers) that were previously supported in QC9.2x.


• This extension is for the same level of support that existed previously.


• This extension applies to supporting existing functionalities and capabilities. There will be no new Service Packs or Request for Enhancement for these versions.


This announcement supersedes the previous notice of end of product support on January 31, 2011.



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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

Hello. Thanks for the info provided.


I have been having a difficult time trying to find the download for QC ALM 11.

I have been redirected by multiple HP support representatives to this : http://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/?ac.admitted=1348676765334.876444892.492883150


but I have no luck finding the downloadable ALM 11 installer.

Can anyone help with the appropriate link or instructions on how and where to find the ALM 11 download from?



Trudy Claspill
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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11

The v11.5 product is publicly available for trial download from
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Re: Upgrading to QC 11 or ALM 11


I tried to explain how we upgraded to ALM 12 in following post.