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Upgrade multiple projects

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Upgrade multiple projects

I need to upgrade projects from QC9.0 to ALM 11.52.


I have below high level plan

1) Install QC10.0 - Test Server 1

2) Restore DB/File repository and upgrade v9.0 projects - Test Server 1

3) Install QC 11.52 - Test Server 2

4)  Restore DB/File repository and upgrade v10.0 projects - Test Server 2


I plan to use dbid.xml to restore the project from Site admin.


I have over 300+ projects and I see challenge in doing this manually each time...has anyone done the bulk upgrade?


Is it safe to open multiple site admin sessions and perform multiple project upgrades? I know this is a risk in terms of memory....But if I manage to get a high end server...Is this recommended?


Please let me know if you have any better suggestions...Appreciate your thoughts.


Kind Regards,

john scarpino
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Re: Upgrade multiple projects


Hi Shivaram,

I hope all is well. I have opened multiple Site Admin screens with other individuals manual assisting, upgrading each project. Yes, you will need to look at performance. You may want to pre-seperate project upgrade duties so that no one overlaps eachothers work. If the QC/ALM server is down and you have a big enough of network and server capacityyou should be fine. Cordination and communication is key.


Also, the following should be of assistance. http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1007069 I have it copied below.


I hope this helps.

John Scarpino, D.Sc.

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Steps to Upgrade from QC 9.2 or QC 10.00 to ALM 11:



  1. Check the following page for system requirements of ALM 11:


  1. Move the project repository from the Database (DB) to the File System (QC 9.2 only)

Note: Repository over DB is not supported in ALM11



1.     Document ID KM203670 - How to move a QC project repository from the database to the file system 

2.     Install the latest QC patch for the QC 9.2 version which includes a tool to download the repository to the file system

  1. Before migration, deactivate all projects from the Site Administrator

Migration of QC 9.2 or QC 10.00 to ALM 11

  1. Backup the projects’ databases/schemas and Site administration database/schema (default name “qcsiteAdmin_db”) from the QC 9.x database server
  1. For SQL server:

                        i.      Document ID KM169526 - How to backup and restore MS SQL database

                        ii.     Document ID KM186582 - What are the minimum permissions for MS SQL in Quality Center

  1. For Oracle Server:

                        i.      Document ID KM205839 - How to export and import an Oracle database to dump files

                        ii.     Document ID KM186580 - What are the minimum permissions for Oracle in Quality Center


  1. Backup the projects’ repositories from the QC 9.x or QC10.00 server. Each project has the location of the repository at the project properties in the Site Administration web site.
  1. Document ID KM189097 - What needs to be backed up when backing up Quality Center
  1. Restore the project databases/schemas and the Site administration’s database/schema at the ALM 11 database server (if you are using a new database server)

Note: If upgrading QC, there’s no need to move projects databases/schemas however is important to take backups.

  1. Install ALM11, if you are using the same application server you must uninstall QC 9.2 or QC10.00

QC has 2 different databases, the project databases and the site admin database. When migrating, to keep users, user configurations, and site administration parameters you must install using the same database name that was used to restore the project in your DB server. Select “Upgrade a copy” or “Upgrade the existing schema” option during installation.

  1. Paste/Restore the repositories in the expected repository location in the new installation
  2. Restore the projects

a)      Login Site Administrator and create a new empty project.

b)      Go to the new empty project’s folder repository and make a copy of the dbid.xml file.

c)      Remove your projects from the Site Administration (Reason: it has connections to the old database server). Do not delete the project because it will remove the project schema from the database server.

d)      Go to the project’s folder and rename the existing “dbid.xml” file to “dbidold.xml”

e)      Paste a copy of the “dbid.xml” file from the empty new project.

f)       Edit the “dbid.xml” to match your project environment description as follow:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>



  <PROJECT_NAME>** Put the project name **</PROJECT_NAME>







  <DB_NAME>** Put the project schema name **</DB_NAME>






  <PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY>** Put the correct path of the repository folder of this project**\</PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY>













PROJECT_NAME: the name of the project, for example: NEW_PROJECT.

DB_NAME: the name shown in the database list, for example: NEW_PROJECT_DB

PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY: by default, this values is: <Drive>:\Program Files\Mercury\Quality Center\repository\qc\<Domain_Name>\<Project_Name_Folder>

PROJECT_UID: Keep the same amount of digits and modify the last two values to get a unique ID

PR_SMART_REPOSITORY_ENABLED should be changed from 'Y' to 'N'


Note: This step can be skipped if upgrading from existing qcsiteadmin_db as it already contains the project information.

    7.  From the site administrator restore projects using the “dbid.xml” file edited for all projects.

  1. Verify, repair and upgrade projects
  1. Right click on it and select “Maintain Project”
  2. Select Verify Project
  3. After verification finished, select Repair project
  4. After project repair, select Upgrade project


  • After upgrade the project you can not change its repository folder location, the reason of that is that there is a new feature in ALM that optimizes the project’s repository, there will be a job implementing this after upgrade the project for at least 1 day if the project is small and 5 days if the project is large.

Here is the information from the administrator guide (page 97):

After upgrading a project to ALM 11.00, ALM migrates the project repository directories to a new file structure in the default project repository location. If the migration process fails, you must fix the problems manually in the project repository. You can also configure the speed at which the migration is performed. For more information, see "Repository Migration" from Administrator Guide on page 120.

  • Recommendation is to try on a Test server, then production
  • After upgrade the project you can not change its repository folder location, the reason of that is that there is a new feature in ALM that optimizes the project’s repository, there will be a job implementing this after upgrade the project for at least 1 day if the project is small and 5 days if the project is large.
  • Version Control Projects --> Upgrading Version Control
    Upgrading Quality Center 10.00 version control enabled projects. Version
    control enabled projects from Quality Center 10.00 cannot be upgraded to
    ALM 11.00 while there are checked out entities. All entities must be checked
    in in Quality Center 10.00.
    Upgrading from legacy version control projects. To work with projects from
    Quality Center 9.0 or Quality Center 9.2 that use version control, you must
    first upgrade to Quality Center 10.00, migrate legacy version control data,
    and then upgrade to ALM 11.00. For information on migrating legacy
    version control data to Quality Center 10.00, see HP Software Self-solve
    knowledge base article KM632120 (http://h20230.www2.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM632120).

These documents may be useful:


Installation Guide                       ALM11.00_Installation.pdf

User Guide                                ALM11.00_User.pdf

Administrator Guide                   ALM11.00_Administrator.pdf

What is New                             ALM11.00_WhatsNew.pdf

Upgrade Best Practices             ALM11.00_UpgradeBestPractices.pdf

ALM 11.5 upgrade best practice here: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Quality-Center-Support-and-News/ALM-11-5-installation-Upgrade-questions/m-p/5983163/highlight/true#M77094

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Re: Upgrade multiple projects

i have read in other threads about this and also consult this before with HP support,

Even if it includes in the documentation that we can do a bulk upgrade, it was not recommended to me by HP support, for some reason when upgrading in bulk, about 50% will finish but eventually the rest will fail which will give you vague clue in to which proj are upgraded successfuly, so i was resolved in doing the upgrade one at a time.. :|

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Re: Upgrade multiple projects

Hi John,


Thanks for the detailed documents. I could succeed in migrating sample application from v9.0 to ALM 11.5.


So far, everything seems to be working OK. I had few issues related to DB permissions, I could sort it out.


Thanks again, for getting these useful links for me...Cheers!!


Hello Sdeff,

Yes, I do agree. I read that you will need to re-start ALM server after you upgrade (50-100) projects and then carry on with upgrade of other projects.


If I stick to doing one at a time, I'll will need to have enough time, which is my concern at the moment.


Hopefully, I succeed with this :))