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Unexpected File Format

Subha Sudharsha
Regular Contributor.

Unexpected File Format

I can not open scripts that are in QC database from QTP. Got Unexpected File Format error. Also the first time , I got "can not display test. Make sure test exists in the database" . Has any one encountered this issue. I really appreciate any pointers for this issue.
thanks very much,
Benoy S

Re: Unexpected File Format

Hi Subha,

Make sure the QC - QTP addins are installed correctly and the versions are compatible. Also please make sure whether you have the scripts available in the specified location of the Test Folder in QC server.

Benoy S
Garanti Teknolo
New Member.

Re: Unexpected File Format

I happen to have the same error message on QTP: "Unexpected file format" when I try to launch test scripts from the file system. (see attachment)-- (btw; we do not use QC for storing the scripts we store and share them on our office network).

This issue happens only on one of the machines that we have QTP installed. The remaining machines have the same configuration yet can launch and run the same test scripts mentioned above.

Another problem is that the "Record" button on the problematic machine appears inactive. However I am not sure if this is related.

Will let you know what happens after the re-installation of QTP. However, this is not the first time this issue happens and re-installation was not a fix last time - we just had to re-format the PC in order to recover.

Please let me know if you need any further info.