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Rich Text formatting problems

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Rich Text formatting problems



I hope anyone can help me with my problems. I want to generate an Report from QC 11, the requirements should have an indent on the left.


1.  I don t know how i can format the indent on the left correct in the rich text editor if i change it nothing happened in the generate Word file.

but if i copy the format out of the word file it works. But i dont know how can i manually set this style in the rich text editor?


2. Is it possible to change the default Rich Text template and how can i change it.


3. I have also problems with lists (bullet list ect...) inside the document they ar not showne but in the rich text in seems to be good? (see attachment)


thanks in advance



Occasional Contributor

Re: Rich Text formatting problems

The way I was able to control this was to create a borderless table in my template with the left edge at the appropriate indent and then put my <<Rich Text>> field value inside the table. I've posted a template with the borders turned on, and then the result after report generation.

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Re: Rich Text formatting problems




Thank you Erik your solution works. But i'm still interested to figure out how i can format it right.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event