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Reporting with HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0

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Reporting with HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0

Hi All, I just took a positon in the testing team using this tool. The team has a general reporting problem. What they want to see is: See a project's all -> Cyles -> test sets -> scripts from one report. I mean, cycles, under test sets, under scripts, and shows which tests and scripts ran properly, what percentage of the tests ran properly, etc. They have told from HP support that QC does not support this as default. A developer told me that QC test database tables are not related et all. When we generated diagrams within the MSSQL,  there is no connection between the tables??We couldnt see any arrows.. 


(Before that I was working with VS testing, and In Visual Studio Testing, tables were related..),


Since HP QC is far more professional, I think HP QC must handle this in some way. Any Idea about this ?


By the way, I have read brochure of a tool called "Assure Project Harmonizer" for HP QC 10.0 . I am not sure whether this tool can help us on reoprting. Another thing is that right now we are using HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0, maybe some properties also added in version 11.0


Please somebody help me on this, thanks. Best Regards.

William Schmitt
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Re: Reporting with HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0

QC database tables are relational but there are no relations established by default.  It is possible to create queries that join the proper tables to do the kind if reporting that you want.  The query builder in the report module will help you create the SQL queries that you need to do this.

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Re: Reporting with HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0

Hi All,


Can any one please help me. I want to create report with defect id and number of scripts blocked because of that defect.


Report should be like this.


Defect Id     Number of scripts blocked


333                7

544                9


I have created query but its not working properly. Can any one please correct my query.


where BUG.BG_STATUS in ('New','Open')
and  TEST.TS_STATUS='Blocked'
group by BUG.BG_BUG_ID

Trudy Claspill
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Re: Reporting with HP ALM - Quality Center 11.0



You should start a new thread for this question.  Your question doesn't is not really on the same topic (yours is much more specific).  Hijacking a solved thread with a new question off topic is generally bad forum etiquette.  Also people are less likely to look at a Solved post when looking for posts that still have unanswered questions. :-)

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