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Remove test step from ALM using Java

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Acclaimed Contributor

Remove test step from ALM using Java

Hi, I am trying to remove all test steps for a specific Test Case in alm.

I am using com4j bridge and alm 11.


so far I managed to add number of steps to a test case but I can not detem them.


my code to add steps:


IBaseFactory iFactory = iTest.designStepFactory().queryInterface(IBaseFactory.class);

IDesignStep iStep = iFactory.addItem("Step name ").queryInterface(IDesignStep.class);


I tryied:


IBaseFactory iFac = iTest.designStepFactory().queryInterface(IBaseFactory.class);
IList steps = iFac.newList("");

for (int i = 1; i <= steps.count(); i++) {




it compiles and runs however steps are not deleted from ALM

Please help


Trudy Claspill
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove test step from ALM using Java

This line is wrong



 Where you are using "i" you need to be using the DesignStep ID value. "i" is just the index of the steps in the list you retrieved. Instead you need to use




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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Remove test step from ALM using Java

Thanks Trudy Claspill! you solved all my problems
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event