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Removal of Application Server from ALM/QC Architecture Stack

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Removal of Application Server from ALM/QC Architecture Stack

I'm looking to get input on some of our architecture plans for Apollo, our next major release.  Today we support several flavors of application server as part of the product configuration.  Technically, our product does not require an application server, and, we have several of the same types of settings inside the product which sometimes conflicts with the application server settings.  We also spend many development and QA cycles on testing and building to support all the application server flavors.  


We've surveyed customers and the overwhelming majority are using JBOSS today (85%) and many have told us it would not really matter if they no longer needed to deploy an application server with ALM/QC.


I'd really like to understand from those running Websphere or WebLogic if they see issues with this - or if there are company policies that require running an application server with web-based products.


I'm also looking for types of monitoring and metrics collected to make sure we provide that (potentially as part of future version of QC Sense).