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QTP Auto defect and QC Scheduled run

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QTP Auto defect and QC Scheduled run

Morning all,


Have 2 strange queries for you (semi related), ones that i thought were really simple, but am at a loss to figuring out.


QTP has an option to record a defect in QC when a step fails. It's under tools/options/run.

I switched this on, ran a test i knew would fail, and low and behold the defect populated.

That was yesterday. However, since coming back in today, no matter how i run the test (file system or QC), which host its run on or who runs it, the defects are not populating in QC.


(Should have mentioned, this is QTP 10, and QC SAAS 10)


Second issue relates to Scheduled Test Runs. We've created time dependencies within QC to run the automated tests after 10 minutes, but the time passes and still no runs. I have never seen this feature working at all, and thought it would have been a simple task.  There is a discrepency between the server time and the local time, as QC is SAAS, therefore hosted by HP. We tried to mitigate this by having one test scheduled to run at local time + 5 minutes, another test using the server time+ 5 minutes, both were unsuccessful.


So, at a loss regarding this. Have raised a service request, but thought i'd post it here to see if anyone else has come across and knows of possible solutions....




Haroon Malik



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Re: QTP Auto defect and QC Scheduled run

Update regarding this case.


Thanks to HP support in America, we've managed to figure out these issues.


QTP will not auto-raise a defect if it fails because it can't find an object, This is why we couldn't get the auto-defect function working.

Reqorking the script and creating a valid fail for a text check proved the auto-defect function working.


With regards to Scheduling, once you have setup a time schedule, you have to click RUN.

(This isn't mentioned in the manual as far as i remember!) Once you've clicked run, you'll see the run status as 'waiting.' The test executed at this stage when it's at the correct date and time.


Again, thanks to HP support for helping with this, i would never have figured that out......


Haroon malik