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QC11-QTP10 - QTP not responding

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QC11-QTP10 - QTP not responding



we have upgrade QC9.2 to QC11. Since this upgrade, QTP (10) not responding during an execution (execution from QC or directly in QTP).

I have re-install the td connect add-in for Qc11, the qc11-qtp10 add-in, i have re install the sysagent (remote control)

We execute our test on a server (windows server 2008)

QTP is patch with the last patch (QTP_00684).


Somtimes QTP "not responding" few second and end the run, sometimes QTP is blocked during 20 minutes...


anybody have idea ??


thanks for your help.

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Re: QC11-QTP10 - QTP not responding

QTP_00626 is a mandatory patch for QTP 10. 


Install it if not already done. Here is the link for the patch : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM777646


ALso , try migrating to higher versions of QTP , probably UFT 11.5x. QTP 11 also is soon going out of support.




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