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QC 9.0 with IE 8 ? is it supported?

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QC 9.0 with IE 8 ? is it supported?



 We have QC 9.0 and we use IE6.


I tried to use IE8 and it works fine.


Is there any danger using IE8 ( now more 700 users are going to make the change)?

Is it supported?



Trudy Claspill
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Re: QC 9.0 with IE 8 ? is it supported?

Given that support for QC v9.0 ended in March 2010, I expect that IE8 is not supported.

You might be okay if you use Compatibility View for your QC application, but you are running a risk. IE is changing with newer versions, and newer versions of QC are being modified to stay compatible. At some point you may find that things stop working properly.
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