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Passing Runtime Parameters in QC via QTP Script

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Passing Runtime Parameters in QC via QTP Script

 Explaining you from the start, we have manual test cases in QC ALM where u add "parameters" in Test Plan say Login function - userid and password. You can login to the system with various different userid's and passwords. Now we transfer all these parameters from Test Plan to Test Lab. Here in the Test Instance properties under the Execution Settings, when u run our test, it asks us to add "Actual Values" at Run time..

The name of the window is "Parameters of Test_Run" in Test Lab in QC which pops up everytime we input our "Actual Values".

So what we have to do is to input these "Actual Values" in each step of our TC's and then finally Pass the TC. This has to be accomplished for every TC and the parameter values change for every TC. The scripts have to be written in QTP and then the values have to be inputted in QC for every step.

Can u tell how this can be accomplished. I have QTP 11 and QC ALM.

If say we use "Datatable" then can u guide me as to how to import these values into QC and input all these values at Run Time in QC under "ACTUAL VALUES" visible in the "Parameters of Test_Run" window which will popup as soon as u hit Begin Run for a particular TC. Each step of a TC needs to be updated at run-time with "Actual values". Also is there any other method better than Datatable to accomplish this.

Below is the sample code for connection. 

set tdc = createobject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
tdc.InitConnectionEx <QC URL> 'enter your qc url here till qcbin
tdc.login "<urserid>","<password>"
tdc.Connect "<Domain>","<Project>"
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set TSetFact = tdc.TestSetFactory
Set tsTreeMgr = tdc.TestSetTreeManager
Set tsFolder = tsTreeMgr.NodeByPath("Root\Folder1\Folder2") 'Test Plan folder path
Set tsList = tsFolder.FindTestSets("<testsetname>")
Set theTestSet = tsList.Item(1)
Set Scheduler = theTestSet.StartExecution("")
Scheduler.RunAllLocally = True

After this how do we set the run-time parameters in "Actual Values" for each Test step for a particular TC. This
has to be done using QTP script.


Can u provide me with the script that goes along with Datatable to feed "Actual Values" in QC at runtime.