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OTA API: upload test scripts

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OTA API: upload test scripts

Hello everyone!


I'm trying to upload third-party tests with scripts to the ALM using OTA API.


I've noticed, that every test which is uploaded from UFT has it's own directory named with test ID in the ExtendedStorage. But when i'm trying to upload scripts of the newly created test like this:


TestFactory testFactory = folder.TestFactory;
test = testFactory.AddItem(testName);

ExtendedStorage storage = test.ExtendedStorage;
storage.ClientPath = clientDirectory;
storage.Save(clientTestName, true);

all the scripts are located in the root of the storage, not in the separate folders (and the Root property of the ExtendedStorage points to its root folder).


I've tried to set TS_PATH property manually. In this case Root property of the ExtendedStorage is valid (it points to subfolder named with TS_PATH), but I have the exception indicating that I don't have required permissions to do that.


Also I've tried to set type of the test to QUCKTEST_TEST to make ALM treat it like UFT test. In this case TS_PATH is setting properly automatically, but when trying to save script I have the same exception about permissions.


My account has admin priviliges, which makes the problem even more strange.


Can anyone help me? How to save each test files in the separate storage folder named with test ID?